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Step 1

Technical analysis of the site

Before anything else, we’ll check the state of your site.

In this way, we will identify what, if any, are the obstacles to your site achieving higher results.

Among the most important factors are:

Loading Speed

URL Structure

Responsive Design

Step 2

Content analysis and copywriting

Quality content is a key element in SEO optimization.

By analyzing the content of your site, we will find out what can be improved, what can be added.

Of course, after completing the analysis, we will also know what new can and should be written.

If you don’t have a copywriter on your team, you can trust me and my network of partners to plan and create your site’s content to get you the results you want.

Content Analysis

Content Calendar


Step 3


The third step, like SEO, isn’t exactly an action. Rather, we are talking about a process.

Once you’ve identified the gaps in your site and content, it’s time to start fixing them.

Code editing where needed, content editing and creating new.

Depending on the state of your site and content, it’s entirely possible that the edits will be minimal and the results will skyrocket.

In any case, the third step involves a lot of work.

What can I do for you

Key elements


We’ll find out where you’re getting the most traffic, looking for ways to boost it.

We’ll also find where you’re missing out on traffic and target opportunities.

Top pages

Share which pages and products are most important to you.

Your priorities are my priorities.

Market share

We’ll find out how many searches your most important words and phrases have.

What part of the positions you occupy and most importantly – what your competitors do differently or better.

Market research

Whether you are planning to start a business or already have one, market research is an absolute must, especially if you have missed this part of building your business.

We will check if someone is searching for you, your product or the niche in general. This is a key point, as it can save you thousands of leva and years wasted developing a business in a non-existent or small market.

SEO Strategy

Together, we’ll identify what search (or searches) are most important to you and your business and where to focus our efforts.

The goal will be to achieve the largest possible increase in relevant traffic in the shortest possible time.

New content

All SEO efforts and postural goals will be absolutely pointless if we don’t make an effort to turn them into success.

I work with a team of copywriters (copywriters), with whom we could quickly pay off the plans made in quality, well-structured, relevant and engaging content.

Why work with me?

  • 1 Professionalism.
    I work with large and small companies. I have helped people with their personal websites, local online store as well as big international brands.
  • 2 Personal approach.
    I try to get to know everyone I work with as much as possible. Thus, the site we will create will represent as much as possible what you want the world to see.
  • 3 Marketing.
    My desire is not just to create your site, but also to help your project achieve the goals you have set.
  • 4 Free hosting.
    I work with – the only Bulgarian hosting provider that offers really free hosting. In addition, I am able to provide you absolutely free hosting from their paid plans.

Contact me


The phone is a good first contact. Tell me about your project, your goals and ambitions.


Send mail

Email is a convenient form of communication to describe in more detail what you want for your site. Feel free to describe your project, I will respond as soon as possible.

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Not convinced?

If you are still not convinced about working together, take a look at my portfolio and learn more about me by browsing the site.


You wanted to know

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my business need SEO optimization?

Almost every website needs SEO optimization. Professional optimization of your website will improve the presence of your business in search engines.

This way you will attract more visitors, engage new target customers and increase your sales.

SEO optimization in a key area of digital marketing, to which many businesses – small and large – have already directed their efforts.

With quality optimization, the ROI (Return on Investment) is not only very high, but also very long-term.

Unlike ads, which stop working when you stop paying, SEO is a long-term project. We reap its fruits some time after sowing them, but also for a very long period after we have made the right efforts.

Will I see immediate results from SEO on my website?

Usually, the results of SEO optimization take time. This is because it takes time for search engines to discover your new pages and revisit the ones that already exist.

Usually, with the right effort, over time, results appear. The positions in the so-called SERP (search engine result page), of course, this positively affects organic traffic as well.

How long does it take to rank on the first page of Google?
If someone promises you the first page of Google (or any other search engine), then they are most likely lying to you.

There are so many ranking factors on the results pages that it is entirely possible that even if you are doing everything right, your competitors are just too big and you have no real chance of displacing them on the keywords that are important to you.

You can always call me, even for phone consultation.

Why should I work with Lazar Shishmanov?

Lazar Shishmanov is an SEO specialist with many years of experience in the digital sphere. Worked and working with numerous local and international businesses. Both small companies and those with multi-million turnovers.

More than 10 years of experience in the field creates a routine and working processes, which practice shows to work.

Continuous monitoring of trends is, of course, mandatory in order to provide a correct and individual approach to each client and to build effective SEO strategies.

What is the cost of SEO service?

I sincerely prefer an individual approach to each person. Contact me to prepare an individual offer for you and your site.

Why should I continue SEO after achieving good results?

The truth is, if you get really good results, you could stop working on SEO.

The risk in this is that if the algorithms change or a more persistent, aggressive and hardworking competitor appears, the positions you enjoy could be lost.

However, you could leave the site without SEO support for a long time before losing your positions. The latter, many companies that offer such a service will try to convince you, will inevitably happen.

Another thing that most companies want to convince you is that if you continue working with them, your results will always be high. The truth is, there’s no guarantee of that.

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