This page lists most of the websites I have built and maintained.

The list is compiled from my favorite projects and/or clients.

All sites below were created by me. This includes coming up with design, structure (page layout) and overall concept.

Except for sites where otherwise stated.

Below are unavailable sites that are no longer available online (due to business closures). The exception is some of my sites, which I have left, albeit inaccessible, because of my emotional connection to them.

The presence of your site in the list below is also an expression of gratitude for the dedicated opportunity to work with you on your project.


European Merchant Bank is a Lithuanian bank established in 2018

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AwardSpace is an international pioneer in offering free LAMP hosting. The company was established in 2003.

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ResellerCluster.com was established about 20 years ago. The company offers a free hosting Risler program.

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ZETTAHOST.com offers free hosting worldwide.

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ZETTAHOST.bg are the only serious Bulgarian company offering truly free hosting.

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Alphazone.Solutions are an international company based in North America. The company was established in 2020 and offers IT services.

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Alexander Nikolov is a lawyer from the Sofia Bar Association (SAC). The site represents the lawyer's personal online space.

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Bonmix.bg is the site of "Bonmix". Bulgarian company, leader in the production of special products and compound feed for all types of animals. The company was founded in 1997.

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PuraVida.bg is an online store with a main focus on healthy eating.

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Dr. Maria Vaptsarova is a health psychologist and psychotherapist with numerous certificates and qualifications.

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Cat-Shot.com is the website of one of the largest and most famous tattoo studios in Sofia and the country.

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KissOfJoy.com is a personal blog.

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"Karay Be" is a media for drivers and prospective drivers.

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About-Sofia.com is an SEO project. The purpose of the site is to describe all important locations in the capital of Bulgaria.

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FragmentsOf.Me was my personal artwork blog. It existed between 2017 and 2022.

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Imagine-Dragons.bg.cm is a small HTML project dedicated to the pop rock group of the same name. The purpose of the project was self-learning.

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Paint-Online.bg.cm is a small JS project where the user can use several different colors to paint something. The project was created for the purpose of self-education.

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36Questions.bg.cm is a project, to a greater extent a copy of another similar questionnaire. The site was created for self-education purposes.

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My-Corset.ru is a website of a Russian cigarette brand. My participation was as a subcontractor for a Bulgarian advertising agency. The site is closed behind a firewall and is inaccessible outside of Russia.

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The Lux Cleaning Team site is among the clients for whom I have carried out commissioning, finishing and maintenance work. Technical SEO, site audit, internal link building and site structure change.

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DovarshitelniRaboti.com is a site I've been working on a little, major restructuring. My partnership with the company is mainly advertising through Google Ads.

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